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Want to know your phone memory reading&writing speed?
Do you ever wonder your phone reading and writing speed?

Now here is the way how you test your memory speed

Download from play store and install, open the software you want to test the memory card or your built-in memory space, it will come out the result after run out the test.

In my hand, the Zenfone 3 Deluxe 6GB RAM 256GB ROM test results built-in 256G space reading speed is up to 508.89 MBps, writing speed also have 264.69. MBps and I consider that  is quite good, but the 128GB UHS-I memory card is only 56.93 MBps reading speed, as to writing speed is only 18.06MBps, this will be fulfill most of the users but if you looking for recording 4K images than it may be a bit difficult.
Want to know how fast your phone's memory speed are? quickly to download and install it!

Here is that link

Feel free to share your memory speed with specific spec Smile

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